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     "For the past 25 years, I have been dedicated to real estate, striving towards developing homes and lifestyles to all generations. I’ve enjoyed leading successful Developers, Construction, Sales and Marketing teams to increase the company’s profitability and to assist customers to create a better lifestyle and future for us all. 

     Determined to succeed by building lasting relationships with my teams and clients, overcoming challenges, and reaching goals at all costs, has lead me and my teams to many accomplishments.  I have pursued personal and professional development through continual education, training, teaching and research; gathering extensive knowledge and skills. My career began through the retail and wholesale mortgage industry leading me to large scale real estate developments.  From one-on-one individual sales to portfolios as large as $265 million, I’ve always performed for my clients, banks and partners. "

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     "Weston is a true problem solver. I've worked with many people, they usually brought me problems, Weston brought me solutions. Our development was a huge success and Weston was the major player"

Rob Lankford - Lankford and Associates, Founder

    "Weston kept saying that we need to focus on our end user. He never lost sight of the demographics and boy... he was right on.  He designed the building for the right people and they came. In fact, we achieved higher rents than projected.  Thanks Weston!"

Mark Penissidi - Del Mar Pacific Group, Founder

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